Being confident in your food choices during pregnancy can be a little bit complicated. (Thinkstock)

Dieting for two: The latest trends on pregnancy nutrition

Originally posted on The OC Register From mommy blogs to nutrition experts, it seems as if everyone has an opinion on what’s safe and best to eat and drink during pregnancy. According to the National Library of Medicine, most women need at least 300 calories more daily during the last six months of pregnancy than … Continued

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Dr. Maslovaric Answers: Is Sleeping In A Bra Harmful To Your Health

Originally posted on Well + Good I’ve never understood those “home is where the bra isn’t” memes. Don’t get me wrong: I can identify with the idea of walking through the door and immediately stripping off work clothes in favor of something cozier. (Although, to be fair, my office outfits often involve leggings.) But when the sweatpants come on, my … Continued

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Dr. Howe Discusses The Emerging Trend of IUDs with Buzzfeed

With birth control coverage somewhat up in the air these days, an unlikely hero has emerged: the IUD. The IUD, or intrauterine device, is a long-acting reversible contraceptive that has become more popular in recent years, particularly after the Affordable Care Act made it more accessible to women with insurance. They’re even the most popular … Continued

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How To Know If Your Period Cramps Are Normal

Women are tasked with the weighty job of bearing children. Biologically, our bodies prepare for it every month. Realistically, many women actively avoid becoming pregnant. No matter how you do it, if you succeed, you’ll get your period. And with it, some gut-wrenching cramps as a reminder of your uterus’s vacancy. Many women get cramps, … Continued

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